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University of Paris Ouest La Défense

Published on: 12.11.2013
Published by: Ameller Dubois & Associés

Main façade design by Ameller & Dubois for Paris University (university, université, Paris, France)
Main façade design by Ameller & Dubois for Paris University
Photographer: Ameller Dubois et Associés

In Western Paris University (Université de Paris Ouest La Défense, also referred to in latin figures as Paris X), adult education is currently scattered in various departments connected to the studied topic. This department will soon have a building of its own, where professionals will improve their upward mobility by graduating from Paris University, in a country where diplomas are enormously valued.

Overlooking the dense railway hub of Nanterre Université station, the rhythm of the main façade designed by Ameller and Dubois links two existing buildings (the white one on the foreground and the red one in the background) as if the three had always standed as one. This highly environment conscious construction is due to be completed in 2015.

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