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Private house, Bucharest

A project by: PROSPECT

Project description

The owner, a British-Romanian family, asked for a cosy, familiar look, small home.
Built on the impress of an existing one-story old house, the construction suffered radical transformation: new concrete structure, a new floor under the almost vertical sloped roof, new staircase and all the necesary facilities.
A single slab with no other columns and a roof spaned over the house width made it possible to create an open living area, to place the entrance and the staircase and to divide three bedrooms with light walls at the upper floor.
In order to gain a small cottage look, a large arched window was opened for the living area, the entrance was marked with a high front wall and the roof was raised almost as high as the ground-floor.
Outside, we used brown thin brick, light-yellow render and metal profiled sheet roof. Inside, the owners themselves managed to create a pleasant interior.

Date of completion: 2003

Project partner




brick, concrete

Construction region

Bucharest, Romania

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