Data protection regulations

DETAIL Business Information GmbH [and its associated companies] respects and protects the privacy of all the users of its website and subscription services. It therefore only collects and uses data in accordance with these data protection regulations. The recording, processing and use of personal data are carried out in strict compliance with all data protection-related regulations. The transmission of personal data to state institutions and authorities will only take place when this is required by law.

We shall take all the measures available to us to ensure that the data that is collected and stored by us is protected from unauthorized access, alterations, misuse and publication.

Your agreement and changes to the data protection regulations

By using our website you agree to your information being collected and used as laid down in these data protection regulations and our terms and conditions of business. We may periodically alter these data protection regulations. If we do so, the changes will be recorded on this page so that you can always see which information we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances we pass it on to others.


Cookies are small amounts of data in the form of text information that the web server sends to your browser. They are stored on your hard drive. They can only be read by the server that stored them previously, and help us identify your computer upon registration on our website or when using our services. With the help of cookies we can make your use of the internet more effective and facilitate access to our range of services.

The data contained in cookies is not passed on to third parties. Only third-party companies that place advertising on the website and administer our contacts database can use cookies for targeted advertising.

You can naturally control the use of cookies. By altering your browser settings, for example, you can choose between accepting all cookies, being informed when a cookie is created, and rejecting all cookies. If you decide not to accept our cookies, it is possible that this will diminish the usefulness of our website for you and that some services may not be available.

Banner advertising

Our data protection declaration does not cover the websites of our advertising customers or other suppliers linked to our website. Information on the data protection policy of other suppliers if applicable may be found on the relevant pages.

Altering personal and company-related data

Our aim at all times is to ensure that all the data we record, process and pass on is complete and correct.

If your personal details change, you can use the Contact form to inform us of the fact.

Rights of users and listed companies

On request we can inform you immediately and at no charge in accordance with applicable law whether we store data about you, and if so, what data. You can correct, block or delete your data at any time. If you wish, we can also send you the information electronically.

Do you have any other questions on data protection? If so, please contact us at


Please send any comments or suggestions about this website or our data protection regulations to:

Our website uses the measurement procedure (“SZMnG”) provided by INFOnline GmbH to measure statistical parameters relating to the use of our online services. The aim of the reach measurement is to statistically measure the use intensity, number of website users and surfing behaviour on the basis of a standardised procedure to allow values to be collected that are comparable across the market. For web services that are a member of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V.(IVW) or that participate in studies carried out by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e.V. (AGOF), the usage statistics are regularly published by the AGOF, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V. (agma) and the IVW and they can be accessed on the corresponding websites.

1. Data processing
INFOnline GmbH collects and processes data in accordance with German data protection law. Technical and organisational measures are taken to ensure that it is not possible for individual users to be identified at any time. Data that could possibly be linked to a particular identifiable person are made anonymous as early on as possible.

1.1 Anonymisation of the IP address
On the Internet, each device requires a unique address to transmit information: the IP address. Because of how the Internet functions, it is technically necessary for the IP address to be saved, at least for a short period. IP addresses are truncated before any processing. Further processing is only performed on anonymised IP addresses. No IP addresses that have not been truncated are saved or processed.

1.2 Geolocalisation to federal-state/regional level
Geolocalisation (website access being linked to the access location) is performed exclusively on the basis of the anonymised IP addresses and only to the geographical level of federal state/region. The geographical information thus collected cannot under any circumstances be used to determine a user’s specific place of residence.

1.3 Identification number of the device
To allow computer systems to be recognised, the reach measurement uses alternatively either a cookie with the identifier “”, a local storage object or an anonymous signature that is compiled from diverse information from your browser that is transmitted automatically. The validity of the cookie is restricted to a maximum of one year.

1.4 Login identifiers
To measure distributed use (a service being used from various devices), the login user identifier, where available, can be sent to INFOnline as an anonymised checksum.

2. Deletion
The saved usage processes are deleted after seven months at the latest.

3. Opt-out
If you would rather not take part in the measurement, you can opt out via the following link: Further information on data protection in the measurement procedure can be found on the website of INFOnline GmbH (the company that operates the measurement procedure) (, AGOF’s web page concerning data protection and the IVW’s data protection webpage (
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