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Do I have to pay to use Detail 360°?

No, use of the website is free. You can present yourself and your projects on Detail 360° without it costing you a penny.
How can I enter my office/company onto Detail 360°?

Above right you will find the login area. You will also find a button labelled "Neuanmeldung". Click on this button to access our registration form in which you can create your profile and then upload projects and press releases. We recommend that you complete the optional fields as precisely as possible. By doing so you will increase your profile's visibility for search engines and the Detail 360° internal search function.
Can I update my own entry?

Yes. When registering, you enter your e-mail address (user name) and create a password. Using both you can then log into Detail 360° at any time to edit your data, create new projects and upload your latest press releases.
How long will it take before my changes are visible on Detail 360°?

Your changes will be implemented immediately, so you and our other visitors will see them straight away.
What do I need to do if I've forgotten my password?

Above right you will find the login area. If you cannot remember your password, leave this field empty and click on the "EINLOGGEN" button. You will then reach a page where you will be asked for the e-mail address you entered upon registration. Having entered this address, we will immediately send you an e-mail with a link. Click on this link to reach a page that will include your new passport. You will be able to log in straight away using this password. After logging in you can change this password again.
My office/company is not based in Germany - can I still include it on Detail 360°?

Yes. Profiles on Detail 360° are not restricted to companies based in Germany. Please note, however, that your profile and all your projects need to be written in German.
Do my profiles and projects need to be in German?

Yes. Tags are used to link profiles and projects and these are allocated by the users of our platforms themselves. To avoid misunderstandings and duplications, all profiles and projects therefore have to be in German.
Why do I need to include two e-mail addresses?

The e-mail address that you entered under point 1 (access data) is used to log into Detail 360° and change your information. The e-mail address you enter under point 2 (contact information) is included in our contact form. Page visitors can contact you using this address. You can use the same address for both.
Can I enter the same e-mail address for access and contact information?

Yes, you can use the same address.
My office/company is entered on Detail 360°, but I have no log-in data to alter the entry.

Just call up your company profile and click on the "Meinen Eintrag bearbeiten" button. You will then reach a page in which you will need to verify your identity. This is to prevent unauthorized entry. There are two ways of verifying your identity:

1. If the domain of your e-mail address is the same as that of your website, we will send you your password by e-mail. Using this password and the entered e-mail address you can then immediately log into your account and edit your entry as well as create projects and press releases.

2. If the domain of your e-mail address is not the same as that of your website or you don't have your own website, we will ask you to fill out the form on the identity verification page and send it to us. We will check your details as quickly as possible and send you your password by e-mail.
How important is the short description in my profile?

We recommend that your short description be as detailed as possible. This not only helps our visitors to gain as accurate an impression as possible of you, it also increases the visibility of your page for search engines as well the website's own search function.
How many projects can I include?

The number of projects per profile is limited to four. You can upload four images for each project.
How many press releases can I upload?

The number of press releases is unlimited. This means that you can upload new press releases at any time without having to remove older ones beforehand.
In which format should images be uploaded?

Please only use .jpg format images that are no bigger than 1 MB. You can upload your images in portrait (390 x 270 pixels) or landscape format (270 x 390 pixels).
Can I upload images taken by a photographer on my behalf?

Yes, but only if the photographer has given his permission for the images to be used on www.detail360.de. Even if you have paid for the images, the copyright still remains with the photographer. Only he has the right to decide how they are used. You should therefore check with him just to be on the safe side.
Why should I include keywords for uploaded images?

Image keywords are used to improve the visibility of your profile and projects for search engines and our own internal search function. Allocating tags is not compulsory but is highly recommended.
Why can't I enter the names of my partner offices myself and instead have to choose them from a list?

On Detail 360° all partner offices are linked so that their profiles can be accessed by simply clicking on their names. As a result, only offices that are themselves registered on Detail 360° can be entered/selected. If you can't find one of your partners in the list, invite them to register free of charge on Detail 360°. You can do this easily by clicking on the button next to the list of companies.
When I search for my office using a search machine, my Detail 360° profile appears above my own website - why?

Detail 360° is optimized for search engines, allowing it to be found quickly by search engines such as Google. You can also increase search engine visibility by describing your office/company in as much detail as possible.
New press releases
The wall-calendar "Worlds of Sand and Gravel" by Herbert Boettcher became awarded with the gregor international calendar award 2014.

On 4 March this year, a new brand store celebrated its opening – a store that is unique throughout the whole of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. With the M•A•C flagship store on the [...]

Ameller, Dubois & Associés deliver a new research center for the UTC

The adult education department of Paris university in Nanterre gets itself a new bulding designed by Ameller Dubois et Associés.

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